Rent of offices, 1,607 - 1,948 sqm, Prague 10 - Strašnice

About project

We offer for rent an office in a commercial building. The rental units have the possibility of own kitchen. The main entrance via the card system has a representative reception. There is a 24-hour security service in the building.

Office equipment:
- air conditioning
- carpets with high abrasion resistance
- heavy current and weak current
- interior shading cloth blinds
- openable windows
- central air humidifier
- data connection of several operators
- modern lighting
- double-dismountable floors

The administrative building Vinohradská 167 is well accessible by public transport and by car. A great advantage is underground garages providing plenty of parking spaces for tenants and visitors alike. The tram stop is right in front of the building. A-Strašnická metro station is a 7-minute walk away. There is a supermarket, a restaurant with a café and many restaurants, banks, shops and a green park with an area of 1.1 hectares.

Commercial and administrative object with a high technical and quality standard reflects the existing requirements of the tenants. The building is designed to be as efficient as possible to accommodate the tenants' premises exactly as they wish, either in the form of open offices or in the form of separate offices.

All rooms can be arranged according to the tenants' needs and maximally adapted to their corporate culture and style of work. The availability of above-standard parking spaces and bicycle facilities is a matter of course as well as archive and warehouse space. Functional use of the building is mostly administrative with additional services in the ground floor of the building - supermarket, pizzeria and café. We revitalize the public space and the ground floor in the immediate vicinity of the building including greenery. A new pleasant outdoor environment will add value to people working in the building.

The floor plan of a typical floor is very efficient with the possibility of dividing the space into smaller units and allows to realize the latest trends in the organization of offices and requirements for the integration of out-of-work and relaxation zones. Thanks to the layout of the interior atrium building, it is possible to efficiently deploy workstations with daylighting. The quality of the work environment is also increased via atrium with greenery. Another revival of the interior is a representative entrance hall and a lift lobby on each floor.

In the vicinity of the office spaces there are cafes, restaurants and also sports activities.

The Energy Class "G" is only listed temporarily for compliance with the legal requirements, the card is assigned to be drawn up.



Rent of offices, 1,898 sqm, Prague 10 - Strašnice

616 850 CZK + DPH + poplatky
6. patro
1898 m2

Rent of offices, 705 sqm, Prague 10 - Strašnice

229 125 CZK + DPH + poplatky
6. patro
705 m2

Rent of offices, 494 sqm, Prague 10 - Strašnice

160 550 CZK + DPH + poplatky
6. patro
494 m2

Rent of offices, 307 sqm, Prague 10 - Strašnice

99 775 CZK + DPH + poplatky
6. patro
307 m2

Rent of offices, 210 sqm, Prague 10 - Strašnice

68 250 CZK + DPH + poplatky
6. patro
210 m2

Karel Bartek

Phone:+420 770 189 189