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Moving offices is a burden on the company in terms of suspension and associated losses. We know of effective solutions that minimize the deficit and significantly speed up the process of relocation. This is a preparation plan, the actual implementation of the resettlement and the necessary space plan to ensure the quick and efficient move of the required equipment to the new location. We will help you with the whole process – from lease to negotiation of business conditions to the implementation of interior rebuilding or space equipment.

What we offer?

  • comprehensive relocation assistance to companies
  • search for commercial properties
  • active access in the search for quality tenants
  • superb legal service
  • professional bidding presentations
  • sophisticated work with printed and electronic media
  • a monthly newsletter with the best offers
  • investment advice on commercial properties

To find new premises, it is advisable to arrange your own real estate specialist in the field of commercial real estate, who will be able to advise you about relocation. However, it is important to consider a few important things before searching for new premises, especially:

  • to calculate the cost of moving the company
  • to resolve the move of your company to a better address well in advance in relation to the size of the company and also depending on the time required for the actual transfer, preferably six months in advance (for larger entities a year)
  • to take into account the current notice period according to the conditions in the existing lease agreement

When to consider company relocation?

  • complicated accessibility for employees or clients
  • inappropriate disposition – too small or too big
  • insufficient technical support for current business premises
  • representative site
  • the need to modernize the working environment
  • financial page – rent, fees
  • lack of parking spaces
  • the gradual growth of the company